Hybrid Water Heating

Hybrid water heating is a type of water heating system that works on demand versus a tank type that takes time to recover once the storage is emptied. It also differs from a tankless type that can struggle to meet demands for hot water and restricts the flow of water. It’s a high efficiency system without sacrificing a building’s need for continuous hot water and adequate water pressure. Hybrid water heating systems are most popular at such places like nursing homes, hotels, etc. They are up to 98% efficient, which means your purchase of a hybrid water heating system is likely eligible for government and/or local utility rebates. It saves money and reduces a building’s carbon footprint.

Thermotech, Inc. has carefully selected the following hybrid water heating systems for optimal efficiency and peace-of-mind:

  • Eternal
  • Lochnivar

Please call us with any questions about hybrid water heating and how it can work best for your application at 717.234.4500.